Unite your sufferings to Jesus for healing

Unite your sufferings to Jesus on the cross

Unite your sufferings to Jesus by discovering the connection between your experiences and the various ways that Jesus suffered. This is done for your healing and for the healing of others and for their salvation. It will unite you to Jesus’ love and compassion more than ever before. Your feelings […]

See Jesus Smiling At You

Jesus is smiling at you

Is your relationship with Jesus Christ so strong, so firm, so solid that you turn over all your worries to him? He died on the Cross for you and will therefore do everything else that’s good for you! To help you overcome any doubts about his concern for you, here’s […]

The Litany of the Father’s Heart

Be hugged by the Father's Heart

Do you know how deeply God the Father cherishes you? Can you feel him doting on you? We’ve all had human fathers whose imperfections tainted our image of God the Father. In this episode, I share the story of how I met the Father after growing up without him. Then […]

Strengthen Your Spirit for the Journey

Strengthen Your Spirit for the Journey

On our journey to heaven, you can strengthen your spirit so you can do your very best to receive the very best that God wants to give to you. This means choosing to be fully on the side of Jesus, not being lukewarm Christians who mix the ways of the […]

The Apostolate of the Laity

Apostolate of the Laity for the Church crisis at the Vatican

What is God doing in the Church Crisis? When the sex abuse scandals first came to light two decades ago and the bishops met and made some policies to protect minors, I predicted that God was not finished purging the Church of abusive clergy. The bishops did too little. There […]

Rebuking the Devil

Rebuking the Devil

Why there is so much evil in today’s world? What can we do about it? This very significant podcast series uses the book Rebuking the Devil by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops about Pope Francis’ teachings on defeating Satan. Yes, there is something that you and I can do […]

What is Heaven really like?

angels in heaven

When my husband Ralph and I went to the funeral of a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness, the description of Heaven that we heard from the leader of the congregation was not one that we want to believe in. Ralph joins me in this episode to explain why and […]

3 ways to un-stifle the Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

Here’s a secret the devil does not want you to know — why he wants to stifle your relationship with the Holy Spirit. He’s afraid of what you will do! It’s time we reclaimed what is rightfully ours as followers of Christ: a faith that works miracles. A faith that […]

Dealing with Darkness in Today’s World: Part 2

tabernacle in darkened chapel reminds us of taking Jesus into darkness

In the second part of her live presentation, Terry Modica ties together the Coronavirus, the Rosary, and the Oil of Gladness (the Holy Spirit). God has given us everything we need to be victorious over darkness. We can be fearless champions of the Faith. Our sufferings can be turned into […]

Dealing with Darkness in Today’s World: Part 1

Darkness in Today's World painting by Terry Modica

Why is there so much darkness in today’s world? Is it part of a planned strategy? The answer is yes. In this live presentation recorded on March 14, 2020, I share the story of how I learned this a long time ago from a satanist high priest who converted to […]

COVID-19: Trust God and offer up your sacrifices for those who don’t

Terry Modica says "Trust God"

How well are you handling the lifestyle changes forced upon us by the coronavirus? The COVID-19 virus is a calling to trust God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can discover the blessings he is bringing from it (according to Romans 8:28). Consider the timing: It’s happening during […]

The Coronavirus and God’s Protection

The Coronavirus and God’s Protection

What’s the best way for us as Christians to handle the coronavirus pandemic? Do non-believers see us handling this pandemic any differently than the rest of the world? God wants to minister to others through us so we can show non-believers that Jesus Christ is real, Jesus Christ cares, and […]