A Word of Encouragement

The Word of God

God hears your cries as you suffer. Are you distressed by not being able to receive the Sacraments because of the COVID-19 lockdown? Jesus is coming to you in a special way, with a supernatural grace, through the Word he provides to you through daily Mass — even if you […] Read More

Faith Amidst Adversity

Faith Amidst Adversity symbolized by a rainbow at church

God wants to give you faith that conquers stress. COVID-19 has triggered anxiety in a lot of people. On March 28th, Good News Ministries was part of an online conference called Our Faith, Our Hope, Our Love. This podcast is my part of that event, a talk on Faith Amidst […] Read More

A Divine Military Briefing on COVID19, Part 2

A Divine Military Briefing on COVID19 – Part 2

God in his great Mercy is doing something huge with the difficult time we’re suffering. As I continue sharing what I learned from the prophetic messages of the retreat I attended last December, I explain what to do with the sufferings and sacrifices we’re enduring now while looking forward with […] Read More

A Divine Military Briefing on COVID19, Part 1

A Divine Military Briefing on COVID19 – Part 2

In this episode, I share the prophetic messages I learned last December attending an Advent retreat in light of what we’re going through today in the worldwide shut-down caused by COVID19. The retreat was like a military briefing in regards to what God is doing about the vast and pervasive […] Read More

Dealing with Darkness in Today’s World: Part 2

tabernacle in darkened chapel reminds us of taking Jesus into darkness

In the second part of her live presentation, Terry Modica ties together the Coronavirus, the Rosary, and the Oil of Gladness (the Holy Spirit). God has given us everything we need to be victorious over darkness. We can be fearless champions of the Faith. Our sufferings can be turned into […] Read More