God the Father As You Never knew Him

God the Father

What do you think God the Father is really like? I guarantee he is much better as a Daddy who really cares about you – much better than you think he is. In this episode, I’ll share with you some key ways of really getting to know God the Father […] Read More

When Disaster Hits, Find God

When Disaster Hits, Find God

A Rosary Podcast When a disaster hits us, or when we witness destruction hitting the lives of other people, it’s normal to wonder: “Where is God? Why didn’t he prevent this?” More than just the recitation of the Rosary, which you can join in with Ralph and Terry Modica (founders […] Read More

Sit With Mary: A Marian Meditation

Pray with Terry Modica in a meditation about the challenging times in the life of the Blessed Mother Mary when she trusted God. In this Marian meditation, we ask Mary for the grace that we need for trusting God in our difficulties. This podcast is also available as a video […] Read More

Secrets to Success with Young Adults

Will Deatherage, founder of Catholics for Hire

When Terry Modica interviewed on Footsteps to Heaven Will Deatherage, a young entrepreneur who founded Catholics for Hire, she saw a vibrant passion for the Faith. So she asked him: “How did you avoid the traps of lies and evil that have ensnared so many of our young adults?” His […] Read More

100th Episode Blast! The Top 10 Episodes!

100th episode of Footsteps to Heaven!

We’ve reached a milestone! 100 episodes of Footsteps to Heaven! To celebrate, we’ve compiled snippets from the top 10 episodes of all time. This 100th episode contains the best of the best according to how often they’ve been viewed and shared. If you want to see the full version of […] Read More