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In this episode, I share the prophetic messages I learned last December attending an Advent retreat in light of what we’re going through today in the worldwide shut-down caused by COVID19. The retreat was like a military briefing in regards to what God is doing about the vast and pervasive evil in our world. We have entered into a period of chastisement. But do not be afraid. It’s good news for those of us who follow Christ whole-heartedly. Here’s how to discern what God is doing about COVID19 and focus on the blessings that are already beginning to come out of the very bad times we’re enduring.

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Last December, I went to an Advent retreat that was very interesting. And it is interesting even more so now, in light of what’s going on in our world because of the COVID19 pandemic.

This was a retreat that Lord made very clear he wanted me to go to. It was in another state; I had to fly to it. When I got an email about this retreat (and I’m not even sure how I got on the mailing list for that email), I heard God very clearly saying, “Go! Go on this retreat.” So I made the arrangements and went.

While I was there, I was asking the Lord, “Why did You want me to come here to this particular retreat at this particular time to hear this particular set of speakers? And what do You want me to learn for my life? And what do You want me to share with others?”

What became very apparent to me was that it was like going to a military briefing. You know, in the secular world, in the military world, when generals get together for a military briefing, what do they do? They share military intelligence: What is the enemy doing? What’s the latest information about the enemy strategies? And what are we going to do about this? And what is already being done about this? And what do we need to plan?

I felt like I had gone to a military briefing about the battle between Heaven and Earth — the battle for our souls, the battle between God and his people and the enemy and his pawns. So I’m going to share with you some of the things that I jotted down in my notes from this retreat. And I’m going to share it now in light of how things have further developed since then.

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