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God wants to give you faith that conquers stress. COVID-19 has triggered anxiety in a lot of people. On March 28th, Good News Ministries was part of an online conference called Our Faith, Our Hope, Our Love. This podcast is my part of that event, a talk on Faith Amidst Adversity. We are renewing the peace that comes only from faith in Christ. God is making many blessings sprout up from the pandemic.

But faith is not something we can build through our own efforts. Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and see him smiling at you! Take time to let him reveal to you his perspective of anything that’s worrying you.

Look at the timing of the pandemic! The whole world is going through a Lenten exercise of making sacrifices, whether people understand this or not, regardless of whether or not they believe in Christ. And since God reveals his plans in the timing of things, we can rest assured that the whole world is going to experience an Easter of new life. And after Easter comes the descent of the Holy Spirit. Imagine what might happen throughout the world then!

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Pray the Rosary for protection from COVID-19. Visit Our Lady of Miracles Virtual Shrine for Meditation.

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