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What’s the best way for us as Christians to handle the coronavirus pandemic? Do non-believers see us handling this pandemic any differently than the rest of the world? God wants to minister to others through us so we can show non-believers that Jesus Christ is real, Jesus Christ cares, and Jesus Christ is a healer! But are we truly faith-filled enough for this? Do we trust in God’s protection? The coronavirus pandemic is testing our faith. At such a time as this, we need a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit more than ever.

In this episode, I also give a frank analysis of what the Church is doing right and what our bishops and parish priests are NOT (yet) doing to increase the faith of the people during the coronavirus crisis. When they cancel Masses to protect people, guess who is happy about it: the devil! Let’s fight the coronavirus as a Church who truly believes in Christ as our Protector and Healer.

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I’m recording this the day after the World Health Organization declared that the COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is a pandemic, a worldwide epidemic. In the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the news. I’ve been watching its spread, I’ve been watching how people react to it, and I’ve been especially watching: What is our Church doing? And: How are Christians reacting to this? …

The question for you and me, my friend, is: Where does calmness come from? Does it come from our faith? Or does it come from just reminding ourselves, like non-believers do, that maybe it’s not as bad as the media makes it sound out to be, or “it’s not that bad where I live”, or, “yes, it’s affecting other people but I’m strong and healthy, so it’s not going to affect me; I have a good immune system”? We can do self-talk to calm ourselves, but this virus is not yet reaching its peak. All of our lives are going to be, if they’re not already, impacted by this virus.

So how are we going to respond to it as Christians? Does our calmness come from faith? That’s what should be happening. Not only that, but even more important than staying calm is fighting the virus: fighting for the sake of those who have succumbed to it, those who are in danger of it, and fighting just to prove to the world that Christ is bigger than the virus and that Christ’s power is stronger than the virus.

For more on this, see the WordBytes article Coronavirus, Chastisement and Cure.

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