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Think of someone you know who’s rejecting Christ and Church, someone who likes taking selfies. “Who Do You Say I Am?” is an important new documentary about the Shroud of Turin. It shows scientifically and from the Catholic perspective why we can be sure that the Shroud of Turin is a selfie Jesus made of himself 1800 years before the invention of cameras.

In this episode of Footsteps to Heaven, I interview producer Bill Snyder. Summing up the purpose for making this film, he points out its effect on non-believers and doubters: “What if Jesus left us a selfie image in the Shroud of Turin?”

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What if Jesus left us a selfie image in the Shroud of Turin? Cuz that’s what this is. We believe pictures, right? This culture believes pictures. They see all these images on photos. They go, “Oh man, you were just in Puerto Rico. Look at your beautiful little son. Look at you. You look great!” We are so driven by these photos. Well, what if Jesus left a photo? What if he did? Does that change your perspective? Does that make this real?

There are so many non-believers and atheists out there that look, you know, they scroll and they go, “Man, that’s real. Yeah, they were just there. That was a great vacation that he went on.” So what if Jesus left a selfie 2000 years ago? Does that make a difference in your belief? Does that change your perspective on this?

That’s the question that we ask in the film, “Who Do You Say I Am?” Because if this is the case — if that really is Jesus Christ and he left an image of himself as he was raising himself from the dead as God, does that change your belief in Christianity? What does that do for you?

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