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When Terry Modica interviewed on Footsteps to Heaven Will Deatherage, a young entrepreneur who founded Catholics for Hire, she saw a vibrant passion for the Faith. So she asked him: “How did you avoid the traps of lies and evil that have ensnared so many of our young adults?”

His answers are worth listening to even if you don’t have young adults in your life right now. God might be calling you to engage someone else’s wayward adult children and help them find their way to faith in Christ and active participation in Holy Mass.

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Will Deatherage: “Many are leaving the faith. And, growing up in a good Catholic household, I ask myself, why exactly is that the case? What I’ve found to be the most common answer was that a lot of young people just aren’t attracted to the way that Catholicism is presented to them. We have all these incredible advanced media avenues that we could be using to evangelize: videos, podcasts, websites, etc. But the Church in many ways has been pretty behind in those avenues.”

Terry Modica: “Well, that’s, thank you for that. And I thank you for your passion. You are definitely a passionate young man: passionate for the digital work and for networking, and also passionate for Christ. How did you avoid – as you were going through your teenage years and entering young adulthood – how did you avoid the traps that so many other young adults have fallen into? … What’s the secret?”

Will: “That’s a good question. Growing up, I saw my peers just dropping like flies from the Faith. It’s by the grace of God, as all good things are, that I was able to find my faith strengthened over the years. But I’d say there were three very crucial components to that…. I think it translates into some practical advice….”

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