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Karin wrote, “This faith booster is exactly what I needed to hear today. It has been a tough year thus far.” It’s a common cry. And so I pulled out one of the videos from my Faith Muscles Boot Camp to share with everyone. Repackaged as our 94th Footsteps to Heaven episode, I show you how to make a Treasure Box of Blessings as a cure for feeling stressed out.

Do you feel this way? The writer of Psalm 77 laments, “I pray to God and yet I still feel troubled. I keep watching: My eyes are watchful for the Lord to do something, to bring an end to this misery, to answer my prayers, to intervene. And I am troubled and cannot speak.”

The next verse is key. This is the cure. This is the antidote for all this misery that the Psalmist just described: “I consider the days of old; the years long past I remember.” We need to remember the past times when the Lord has come to our rescue. That’s what the Treasure Box of Blessings is all about. I’ll explain how to make one and show you what’s in my box.

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When we are in the midst of a bad time, in the midst of struggling, in the midst of suffering, in the midst of waiting for God to intervene, isn’t it hard to remember the times God did intervene in the past, that God did come to our rescue? Isn’t it hard to remember all the times that God was wonderful to us when we are feeling like he’s abandoned us or like he’s just making us suffer because he’ll make good come from it? (Yes, he will. But that’s not the point.)

He does want to rescue us. And while we are waiting for that to happen – and while we are struggling through this difficult time of waiting for God’s intervention – we need a Treasure Box of Blessings to remind us – because we’re not remembering on our own. We need this to remind us.

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