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What causes the Sacred Heart of Jesus to break? Well, in what ways are you suffering? Jesus suffers with you. Who has broken your heart? Jesus is brokenhearted with you. Which of your loved ones have been rejecting Christian faith and morality? How have you been misled into Satan’s territory? How have you been tricked by his deceptions? This breaks Jesus’s heart, too. 

What heals the Sacred Heart of Jesus? The same thing that heals your heart! In this episode, I share three steps that will heal your heart while also serving as healing balm for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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I would like to bring to you the healing that comes from Jesus, from his Sacred Heart to your precious heart. Because you know what? Your heart is very precious to him. Your feelings in your heart of suffering – of pain, of hopes, of dreams, of joys, of everything that we say goes on in the heart (the heart of our being, the heart of our soul, the heart of our life, that center of us) – this is where the Lord Jesus wants to dwell more fully so that he can heal you more fully. And so that he can help your dreams come true – the dreams that God the Father has planted in you. And so that Jesus can help you to become the saint that the Father has designed you to be and the Holy Spirit is empowering you to be. So that Jesus’ Sacred Heart is alive in you. And so that others can see and are evangelized by the presence of Jesus in you.

For more help on this topic, download our Prayer to Place Your Child into the Sacred Heart of Jesus using the prayer of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

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