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Do you feel like you’re on trial? Is someone misjudging you? In this podcast, I unpack eight scriptures to assure you that God is your Advocate defending you. Jesus said that he would give his Holy Spirit to us to be our Advocate. But before the Holy Spirit, Jesus was our Advocate, and before that, the Father was our Advocate. There is no reason to be self-defensive. God has our backs!

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Sometimes we get tired of waiting for God to come to our defense though, don’t we? This is a test for us to grow stronger in trusting the Lord. While God is the Advocate defending us, he wants us to learn that it’s not the other person’s opinion of us that matters anyway. It’s only God’s opinion of us that matters. We get defensive when we care about the other person’s opinion about us. We need to get our eyes off of that other person and stop letting them have that kind of control over our emotions. Instead, turn our eyes on God and say, “What do You think about this? What do You think about me?”

We need to have the kind of prayer life where we can hear God’s answer to that, because it’s only God’s opinion of us that really matters. And when God seems to be delaying his coming to our rescue, it’s because he’s waiting for us to turn towards him and away from wanting that other person to like us, to approve of us, to judge us as good and worthy and okay – judge us as being okay. It’s only God’s opinion of us that really matters and that’s what God wants us to learn.

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