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Life in the Holy Spirit is meant to include a powerful prayer life that truly makes a difference. Why settle for a mediocre faith? Miracles are not meant to be elusive. As Christians, we are supposed to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to learn how to pray more effectively in the Holy Spirit.

In this series, your host, Terry Modica, will energize the effectiveness of your prayers. Each episode is only 5 to 6 minutes long, but they will change your life!

This is also a video course with reflection questions found at Transcripts are available for download there.

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Pray in the Power of the Holy Spirit

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How do you know if you’re truly listening to the Holy Spirit? How do you know if the Holy Spirit is truly listening to you?

Do you have prayer power? Do you have the ability to pray and make a difference? Do you have the ability to pray and see the supernatural?

No, you don’t. I don’t either because only God has that kind of power. We are called to be prayer warriors, to be prayer intercessors. We are called to have a prayer life because this prayer life connects us to God. We need to have – in order for the supernatural to happen through our prayer life – a close, personal, alive, active relationship with the Holy Spirit.

First, we have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ because he is our Savior. He died for us. He rose from death and ascended into Heaven and takes us with him if we want to follow him.

But it is the Holy Spirit who is Part 2 of the Christian life. Because Jesus said that he gives us his Holy Spirit. We’ve all been called to have Part 2 in that relationship with Jesus because it is the Holy Spirit of Christ who helps us to live out the teachings of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit of Christ who helps us to have the kind of prayer and have the kind of effect on this world that followers of Christ are supposed to have.

Take a look at what the Book of Acts says is normal Christian living. What happened in the early Church is meant to be the Church of all time. God doesn’t change. Pay attention to how many times the Holy Spirit’s name comes up in Mass of the Catholic Church, in the Scriptures, the prayers of the Church. The Holy Spirit is named very often – all the time – because that is key to having a successful and powerful prayer life.

So I pray, in the name of Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit, that you, my friend, will come to know the Holy Spirit more than you ever have before. And it begins with your prayer. First, “Lord Jesus, I want You to be my Lord and Savior. Without you, I cannot get to heaven.” And then, “Holy Spirit, I want you to be my holiness. I want you to teach me how to be holy. And I want you to fill me, renew me, fill me to over-flowing. Set your fire alive in me.”

Because it is the power of the Holy Spirit, my friend, who purifies us and helps us to live the saintly life that we are called to be, because Christians are no longer sinners. We are saints. Yes, we do sin because we have not fully entered into our sainthood. But the Holy Spirit is the one who helps us with that every day.

God bless you.
(From the transcript of the introductory episode)

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