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What is the biggest obstacle you need to overcome right now? What obstacles are interfering with your plans? Have you been searching for a job but nothing opens up for you? Are you being rejected by a loved one who refuses to reconcile with you? What other obstacles are you dealing with? In this episode, we look at how to overcome obstacles by following Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit.

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There are three sources of obstacles: circumstances, demons and humans. First I want to talk about demons because this can really be the easiest to overcome if we truly are in Christ, following Chris, believe in Christ, trust in Christ, are under the authority of Christ because Christ has given us his authority over demons. If you are truly under the authority of Christ, understanding what he did for you on the Cross and how he defeated Satan on the Cross and how he defeated Satan on resurrection Sunday by coming back to life — if you understand these basic principles of our faith, you can easily overcome demon.

The second type of obstacle that I want to talk about are those created by humans, and this can be much more difficult than doing spiritual warfare against demons because now we’re dealing with people’s free will. We’re dealing with obstacles caused by people’s ignorance of God’s plans and, in their free will, they’re sticking by their own plan. Or more often, were dealing with obstacles are caused by the sins of others.

And then there are obstacles created by circumstances — circumstances such as nature. That could be an illness, physical handicaps, mental handicaps — things that are controlled by biological, physical, and natural things such as the problems of aging. Another type of obstacle created by circumstances is a lack of opportunity. For example, people who have been searching for a job and not getting it, and they keep searching and keep trying and keep praying and get lots of people praying for their job search, and they still don’t get the job that they need the job.

This podcast covers what to do about all these types of obstacles.

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