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If you want to experience all that the Holy Spirit wants to do in you and through you, and experience a supernatural faith rather than live a mediocre faith, uncover the lies that Satan wants you to believe. In this episode, I offer 3 spiritual exercises that strengthen what is weak so that you can become who you really are as a believer in Christ: a saint!

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The three Rs for coming alive in the supernatural faith that comes from having a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit are: Repent, Renounce, Retreat into prayer. And what I’d like to talk about in this one are the spiritual exercises of repentance.

This episode is a tough one to listen to. This episode is not for people who really are satisfied with a mediocre faith. This podcast episode is for those who want to experience the supernatural faith that comes from being united to Christ with a personal relationship with his Holy Spirit. If you really, really want to experience all that God wants to give to you and do in you and through you, then continue.

Repentance is something that is countercultural in today’s world. We need to – and this is the first spiritual exercise – we need to have the humility to realize when we are sinning. 

I was at a Conference one time and I said, “Why, Lord, aren’t miracles happening? The prayers for healing sound right. Why are there no healings? Or why are there so few healings that nothing astounding is happening here except a couple of people and there are so many other people here who need healing?”

For more help on this, see our Examination of Conscience based on the Ten Commandments.

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