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The daily hardships we experience are affected by Satan and the prayers that we do and our connection to Christ. How much are your hardships demonically influenced? Some hardships are simply because we live in an imperfect world, but how do you know when you should take action against demons? As a follow-up to the 4-second prayer that defeats Satan, I explain in this episode how to interpret your hardships in light of the 7 phases in the battle for union with Christ — 7 phases of spiritual growth that lead to a life of joy in the Lord during hardships through union with Christ.

These phases are:

1. temptation
2. conversion to Christ
3. re-temptation
4. retaliation
5. persecution
6. joy
7. union with Christ

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To get a clearer understanding of what’s going on in your particular hardships, let’s look at the seven different steps or phases that happen in our lives due to the presence of Satan and demons in this world.

The first thing that Satan does to try to keep us from being who we are in Christ, from doing what Jesus did, and from making the difference that Jesus wants to make in this world through us — the first thing that Satan does is temptation. Every temptation that we experience — and we are all tempted every day, multiple times; temptation is very normal for this earthly life because of the fallen world that we’re living in and because of the weakness of human nature. Temptations come in many forms and temptations are basically Satan’s attempt to pull us away from the holy life and the supernatural life that God wants to give us and to be joined to us in.  Temptation, if we give into it, leads to enslavement to the false ideas, the lies that Satan wants us to believe. 

We also have prayers you can download for victory over evil.

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