The daily hardships we experience are affected by Satan and the prayers that we do and our connection to Christ. How much are your hardships demonically influenced? Some hardships are simply because we live in an imperfect world, but how do you know when you should take action against demons? In this episode, As a follow-up to the 4-second prayer that defeats Satan, I explain in this episode how to interpret your hardships in light of the 7 phases in the battle for union with Christ — 7 phases of spiritual growth that lead to a life of joy in the Lord during hardships through union with Christ.

These phases are:

1. temptation
2. conversion to Christ
3. re-temptation
4. retaliation
5. persecution
6. joy
7. union with Christ

In the previous episode of Footsteps to Heaven, I talked about the 4-Second Prayer That Defeats Satan.  This podcast is a follow-up to that.  Listen to that one before you listen to this podcast, because the two of them work very well together.

In this episode, I share how our hardships — the daily hardships that we experience — are affected by Satan, and the prayers that we do and our connection to Christ. 

We all have very difficult hardships.  How much of this is demonically influenced?  How much should we be doing spiritual warfare prayers?  How much should we be doing what I talked about in the last episode because of the hardships that we are facing?

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We also have prayers you can download for victory over evil.

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