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What do you wish could be better? Your life? Your relationships? Your faith? If it were better, what would it look like? The first step in making anything better is to envision what better really means. Then ask: How does Jesus envision it? What are Father God’s dreams for me in this? What is the Holy Spirit telling me about it? And: What strongholds are holding me back?

In this episode, I share how to break through the strongholds in your life so you can have a better, stronger faith. 

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So what does a better faith life look like for you? Envision what your life would be like if your faith were as strong as the people that you read about in the Book of Acts. Take a moment to think about that. What would a better faith life than what you have now look like for you?

And now comes the most important question: What are you going to do about it? What effort are you willing to put in to make it better? Jesus described what a good – really, really good – faith life looks like. The Gospels are filled with what Jesus described about it. All the New Testament books show it and explain how to achieve it. And the Book of Acts shows us that it’s possible to achieve, that it’s normal Christian living to achieve.

For more information about the book mentioned in this episode (30 Days to the Heart of the Father) go to

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