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Feeling the angst of frustration? Want to get rid of it? Here are 8 steps to overcome the pain of frustration. You will learn how to find true and lasting inner peace, no matter what is going on around you and who is causing it. 

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To overcome the pain of frustration, the first step is to identify what is making you feel frustrated. Take a moment, now, to bring to mind a frustration that you want healing from now, today.

And then think of this: Some people can deal with this very same problem and not get frustrated. So why is it irritating you so much? Take a look at the true cause. Where is your anger really coming from? – Because frustration is a type of anger. It always comes from somewhere inside of ourselves. Somewhere deep: an unmet need, an inner wound, a memory that needs healing, or maybe selfishness, or maybe the idea that we need to be in control and things are out of our control.

What is it that is the true cause of where your anger’s coming from?

Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated because someone isn’t changing fast enough to suit you. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated that someone needs to improve in order to make your life more pleasant, and it’s not happening. Or maybe you’re concerned about their life. Maybe it’s somebody that you really care about. And they’re not doing what you know they need to do in order to have a better life, to have a healthier life, to have a holier life. And, in the process, your feeling of frustration goes beyond just caring about them into the self again – your own self.

What is it that is frustrating you about their lack of improving their lives? Is it fear, for example? Fear of what is going to happen that’s bad. Fear that disaster is coming.

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