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Is your life so well fortified that you can withstand the problems you’re facing in such a way that you still have the peace of Christ and even joy? Ephesians 6:10-13 tells us that we are on a battlefield; demons want to diminish our trust in God, but God has given us everything we need to be victors. In this episode, I share ideas on how to fortify your faith more completely. I use, as an example, the story of how a Good News Ministries conference was rescued through an act of complete surrender and explains how this fortified my faith.

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God doesn’t make things go wrong. Demons make things go wrong, and we cooperate with the demons by the choices we make, the sins that we do, the decisions we make without first consulting God or decisions that go against the teachings of the Church and the teachings that are in scripture. We get ourselves in a lot of these troubles. We are our own worst enemies. And this is making ourselves stand on the battlefield without an armor, very vulnerable, so that our problems get worse than they need to be.

We have so much every day going on that is part of a battle, that if we only could see it with eyes wide open – our spiritual eyes seeing what’s going on around us – we’d act very differently. We’d pray very differently.

I don’t want to scare you, because you have victory in Christ. Put on the armor of Christ. There is nothing to fear.

But if we don’t realize that we are on a battlefield – if we don’t realize that demons do want to separate us from God, do want to undermine our faith – if we don’t fortify ourselves against this, then we make ourselves victims of the battle. God has given us everything we need to be victors in the battlefield.

For more help on this topic, download Dressed for Battle: A Prayer to Wear the Armor of God.

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Tiffany Bryant
Tiffany Bryant
June 9, 2021 1:38 pm

How funny. I spent my first holy hour yesterday filling a notebook with all of my ministry ideas and projects. I don’t know if that‘s appropriate for adoration (I’m new at all this) but I think it’s cool that I did that yesterday and listened to this today. I didn’t know how I was possibly going to have the time to do it all. I’m going to go ahead and burn all those pages and surrender my agenda to God!