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Is your relationship with Jesus Christ so strong, so firm, so solid that you turn over all your worries to him? He died on the Cross for you and will therefore do everything else that’s good for you! To help you overcome any doubts about his concern for you, here’s how to see Jesus smiling at you. This episode includes a spiritual exercise for creating an interior sacred space where you can feel Jesus holding you whenever you need his comfort and where you can hear him speaking to you with love and reassurance.

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God sees you in great esteem, even while you are sinning, because he knows that he created you to be good. He created you in his own image. And when you sin, he sees your sin but he also sees what is beautiful about you, what is wonderful about you, what is good about you. He also knows how much he cares about you and loves you.

That’s why Jesus died for you. That’s why Jesus suffered so much for you. And that’s why he rose from the dead: so that he could bring you into the fullness of new life, the life that God designed for you from the beginning.

When you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God already planned your existence and planned for it to be a good relationship with him: a love-shared relationship. And he planned for you to have such a wonderful life that others would know his love through you.

This is how God sees you, but how do you see Jesus? Do you see him smiling at you?

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