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Joy is a gift Jesus wants to give us as the antidote for the craziness of life. No matter how stressful or difficult life gets, and even in the best of times, putting Christ into the center of it always makes it much better. We can rejoice when we learn how to conquer the distractions of worry, fear, weariness, pain, and heartbreak by seeing Jesus smiling at you in the middle of it all. You too can have a joyful life no matter what’s going on around you or in politics or in the world!

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Remember, the key to having a joyful life is to see that Jesus is in the middle of everything. And if we can’t see him or if we know he’s there but we still feel anxious or fearful or depressed, we need to humble ourselves before him, repent and go to Confession for everything that distracts us from Jesus. And we need to spend more time praising him and worshiping him, which is most effective when done in person in front of the Tabernacle at church, during Mass, and in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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St. Paul says often in the scriptures, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say rejoice!”

Always? I mean, how do we rejoice unless we have joy, right? The secret I am going to give you now is about how to find that joy by finding where Jesus is in the midst of all the stuff that is going on, through all the stress, as well as all the good things.

Where is Jesus?

For whatever it is that has been wearing you down and making you lose your joy, Jesus wants to give you His joy. Now, we are not talking about happiness. We are talking about the joy that comes from Jesus. The joy that comes from having Him at the center of our life, and the way to do that.

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Tiffany Bryant
Tiffany Bryant
June 9, 2021 4:02 pm

Wonderful advice, as always. I love the idea of actively visualizing Jesus in the middle of whatever is going on, smiling at me with joy. I’m a very visual person so that helps a lot.