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Do you know that you have a guardian angel, one that was specially chosen for you by God, and that your angel wants to have a better relationship with you? Your angel is delighted to help you. The more you ask for your guardian angel’s help, the more your friendship grows.

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Our guardian angels are here to support us, are here to help us get more connected to the Lord, help us grow in faith, help protect us from evil, protect us from harm. But we need to have a relationship with those angels….

ask your guardian angel to help you with decisions or to run errands for you, go save the parking space for you near the grocery store entrance because it’s going to rain, or whatever. Pay attention every day to what are you doing that your guardian angel might be able to help you with. Ask for the guardian angel to help you with it.

Do not be dismayed if you don’t sense or experience any results from it. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit builds. The more we rely on our angels – our holy angels – the more we rely on the angels, the more we experience the angels. And the more we experience them, the stronger our trust in that grows.

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