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When you do something foolish, do you feel embarrassed or do you feel Father God hugging you and comforting you? Do you feel stupid when you make a mistake or can you hear Father God reassure you that, “You’re awesome”, reassuring you that everything’s going to be okay. Maybe you have a hard time forgiving yourself when you sin, even after going to Confession. Instead of beating yourself up, learn how to turn to God for self-confidence.

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We all tend to feel dumb when we do something foolish. We make mistakes and sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves about it that we beat ourselves up for it. And when we sin and we go to confession, Jesus in the priest absolves us and frees us from that sin, and yet we don’t forgive ourselves. Why is that? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Well, my friend, what I’d like to share with you right now is that the devil wants you to feel bad about yourself….

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