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Hebrews 2:3-4 holds the key to experiencing joy even in the midst of trials and sufferings. By knowing how to read God’s signs, you can discover that he truly cares about your problems. God’s signs, which he provides as often as we need them, gives us reason to rejoice. God always reassures us that he cares and that he’s involved in helping resolve our problems. Learn how to identify the divine interventions that he’s providing for you right now, today.

In this episode, I share stories of miraculous signs that I have experienced in my own trials. The hawk in the photo was spotted in a tree in my back yard. It is the actual hawk that was one of God’s signs for my — as described in this episode.

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On the Good News Ministries website, we have a Post-a-Prayer page. Very often, the prayer requests that come in really touch my heart because I can see the suffering. I can hear in what they write what the people are going through as they are laying out their prayer requests, hoping that the Lord is going to bring relief.

We all suffer in this world. We all have trials that are difficult to go through. But the Lord wants everyone to know that he is there for each of us if we turn to him – not necessarily to deliver us from the problem right then and there, as fast as we want, usually. That is not what his will is. There is a bigger picture at stake here. There is more that he wants to accomplish than we can imagine at the moment. If we get what we wanted and he short cuts the process by giving us instant relief, there would be a lot that we would be missing out on.

Saint Paul said, “Rejoice always in the Lord!” This scripture talks about rejoicing. How do you do that? We are not in heaven yet, and there are lots of harmful stuff going on in our lives and in the lives of the people we care about. How can you rejoice always? Rejoice means “re-joy” – joy again and again and again. The key? The joy amidst the trials comes from knowing how to identify the signs of God’s intervention, that God has heard your prayers.

For more help on this topic, see our WordByte called The power of hope: Or reason for joy.

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